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Welcome to Newquay stag party, the place of great stag nights out and great ideas for your stag party in Newquay. Thousands of girls and guys flock to Newquay each year to enjoy the red hot nights out and the lovely sun drenched days on Newquays fine beaches.

Newquay is the party capital of the UK!

"Over recent years Newquay has become really popular with stag parties and no wonder, Newquay offers loads of cool day time activites and the night life is amazing." Steve, London

"I have been on several stag parties over the years and I have to say... Newquay beats them all! Clubs, beaches and girls. What more do you need?" Mike, Essex

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A stag party is something almost all men look forward to. For the to-be married man, it is the last night for mischief, recklessness and fooling around. For his friends, it is simply another great reason to go out, go wild and have masssive amountf of fun.

Why Newquay?

Newquay beachesJust like any party, a stag party requires a good location. Though men typically organize their own stag parties, they are impressive in planning their precious party nights. Typically, what stag party planners look for in a potential place is a handful of day activities, an active night scene and, of course, a large supply of women! For these reasons, it leaves no question as to why Newquay, Cornwall, is the place to be for for young men who love to party!

Over the past few years, Newquay has earned itself the title of being the party capital of the UK. With a beautiful coastline and 9 long, attractive beaches, it is no wonder why so many people flock to Newquay every year. Calling hundreds and thousands of young, party-hungry individuals to its perfect, sunny beaches, a Newquay stag party is unlike any other. Whether you choose to take the bus, train, fly or drive to Newquay, you'll find it very easy to get to. Accommodation is easily accessible as well. Ranging from plush hotels to backpackers and surf lodges, the Newquay area is no amateur when it comes to accommodating and pleasing its tourists.

Stag party day activities include surfing, quad biking, go-karting, paintball, coasteering, kite-surfing. There are also tennis courts, bowling alleys and tourist walks available for anyone to enjoy. With seemingly never-ending stretches of fine sand and clear salty water to explore, mornings are sure to keep any sports-loving man busy and entertained. Newquay has restaurants and bars that are open all day. so you can enjoy a meal or even get the party started early.

When the sun sets, the day activities have been completed and the dance lights go on, the Newquay stag party scene comes fully alive. With over 20 clubs and bars to choose from with varying atmospheres and music options.. From traditional pubs to lap-dancing clubs to foam-sprayed bars, Newquay has it all!

A Newquay stag party comes complete with everything bachelors look for, wild music, overflowing drinks and beach-bodied ladies. A Newquay stag party offers people the opportunity to forget about the real world for even just a short while, to throw away stressful responsibilities and hassling obligations and just have fun and enjoy life. It is seldom when people are given the chance to take a breath and do what they want but at Newquay, that chance is offered on a daily basis. Wildly fun and unmistakably memorable, it is no wonder why a Newquay stag party is the party place of choice for most bachelors.

Whether one is looking to have a last go at single life or simply make a toast to it, a Newquay stag party is definitely the way to go. Host your stag party in a place where everybody looks to have fun and surely you will too.